Instead of nominal technical training centers springing up in different parts of the country, Skill India Mission(SIM) is a well-organized and well-equipped organization that is a new direction in light of knowledge in the world of technical education. Keeping in mind the overall technological development of the country, various skill-related pieces of training start from computer applications as per the needs of various government and private institutions.

With a view to broadening and improving the future life of the students by providing, This Skill India Mission is initiated and committed to the mantra of promoting multiple skill-related programs from information technology programs to personality development to international levels beyond the borders of the country. Currently, it has started its journey with 4 departments, but in the future, it is planned to provide training on subjects like hotel management and paramedical.

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The sole aim of Skill India Mission(SIM) is to spread skillful education to people from all walks of life by removing the fear of technologies and technical sciences. Providing advanced and quality training within the reach of everyone from lower-middle to upper-middle class and sharpening interpersonal and career-oriented skills and competencies with up-to-date training to make the career smoother.