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Certificate in Typing Master

Course Duration: 1 Months


The Typing Course under the Skill India Mission aims to provide participants with fundamental typing skills to enhance their efficiency and employability in the digital workspace. By the end of the course, participants should be able to type with improved speed and accuracy using standard keyboard layouts.


Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Typing Basics

- Overview of the QWERTY keyboard layout.

- Introduction to touch typing techniques.

- Practice on the home row keys and basic keystrokes.


Lesson 2: Building Speed and Accuracy

- Guided exercises to improve typing speed.

- Focus on common letter combinations.

- Introduction to proper typing posture and ergonomics.


Lesson 3: Intermediate Typing Skills

- Practicing typing punctuation marks and special characters.

- Advanced drills focusing on common words and phrases.

- Review and reinforcement of touch typing fundamentals.


Lesson 4: Increasing Efficiency

- Introduction to typing software and online tools.

- Timed exercises to assess typing speed and accuracy.

- Identifying and correcting typing errors.


Lesson 5: Advanced Typing Techniques

- Typing exercises focusing on longer passages and paragraphs.

- Introduction to typing numbers and numerical data.

- Practice drills to improve speed under timed conditions.


Lesson 6: Mastery of Typing Skills

- Advanced exercises incorporating formatting and editing skills.

- Practice tests simulating real-world typing scenarios.

- Strategies for continuous improvement in typing proficiency.


Lesson 7: Final Preparations

- Review of key typing concepts and techniques.

- Mock typing tests to assess readiness for certification.

- Guidance on post-course practice and improvement.


Lesson 8: Certification and Evaluation

- Certification exam for Typing Course under Skill India Mission.

- Evaluation of typing speed, accuracy, and proficiency.

- Awarding of certificates to successful participants.