Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC)

Yoga Teacher Training Course(YTTC)offers students an unparalleled integrated approach to teaching that encompasses Traditional Yoga Philosophy, Introduction to Yogic Texts, Yoga Practical Applications, Teaching Methodology, and Anatomy& Physiology. Our course offers a unique approach in considering yogic concepts in Physical, Mental, Intellectual, and Social concerns for new graduate teachers embarking on a Yoga Teaching career. It is a regular and non-residential (Online) course in English & Malayalam.

Role Description: Teach Yoga for Illness Prevention and Wellness Promotion in Schools, Yoga Studios, Workplaces, Yoga Wellness Centers and Other Settings.


Ø  For admission in the course it is suggested that the candidate should have passed 12th standard/ higher secondary school certificate from a recognized board or equivalent.

Ø  The candidate must be medically fit. A Medical Fitness Certificate issued by the Medical Officer in this regard must be submitted.

Ø  Minimum Age: The preferred age is 18 years or older.

Subject Code


YS T-101

Philosophical Foundation of Yoga

YS T-102

Introduction to Yoga Texts

YS T-103

Yoga and Health

YS T-104

Applied Yoga

YS P-101

Yoga Practices - 1

YS P-102

Yoga Practices - 2

YS P-103

Teaching Methodology-Worksheet Writing